“You don’t argue,” he said. “You don’t fight. You don’t complain. You don’t resist.

“You suck.”

He watched her shifting her weight on her knees, her head softly listing from side to side. The drugs were obviously working in full force. 

“You don’t have opinions. You don’t have thoughts. You don’t have ideas. You don’t think.

“You suck.”

Her eyes were glazed. Her mouth was open. She was staring, now, fixed on his cock.

“You don’t have a job. You don’t have friends. You don’t work. You don’t socialize.

“You suck.”

He moved his hips, letting his cock sway up and down, back and forth. He watched her watch it. She was transfixed.

“You obey. You serve. You fuck. You cook. You clean. You do what you’re told. You beg for more. And most of all…”

He slid his cock into her open, waiting mouth. He felt her melt around it, melting into herself, her new self.

“You suck.”


(I just assume that was a story request, and not an unnecessary and unpleasant message for no reason. Right, anonymous?)

Well played, Moq. Well played.