An RP with @midorikonton, with the delectable Ariana Grande as our subject.

midorikonton: I finish double-checking the equipment in the recording studio and then move to the control station, outside the booth. Ariana should be here any minute to record some demos for proposed songs for her next album, and I want to make sure that everything is properly prepared.

deeperinmypower: Just a few seconds later, I waft into the studio, entourage in tow, done up to the nines in a cute little outfit – a miniskirt and low cut top, my hair in a ponytail, wearing glasses too.

midorikonton: I nod to the members of the entourage, avoiding ogling Ariana, though it’s difficult. The outfit is bad enough, but adding glasses on top of that? Phew. “This way, Ms. Grande,” I say, opening the door to the recording booth and gesturing inside. “Everything is set up how your rep asked.”

Inside the booth is fairly standard equipment: chair, table, microphone, a pair of headphones.

deeperinmypower: I don’t respond, sailing past you, into the booth. And I take a seat. Once I’m settled, I place the headphones over my ears, and look up. Flashing a well prepared winning smile, I look at you through the glass, noting that the entourage are having a chat with you, then one by one, leaving the room. “Hey, mister, let’s get started!”

midorikonton: “Right away, Ms. Grande,” I say, closing the door behind the last of the entourage and locking it. That’s standard procedure, of course–wouldn’t do to have people wandering in and out during a recording session. Especially not THIS recording session.

“Let’s start from the top,” I say, and turn on the first track. It’s a fairly typical song for you, nothing particularly unusual about it. Well, unless you count the subliminals I’ve laced into it encouraging relaxation and good feeling.

deeperinmypower: I press the headphones to my ears, closing my eyes. It feels good to really try and get *into* the music. Feel my way with a few generic sensual moans and cries, before getting to anything fancy like actual lyrics. Plus, I love to tease the poor guys in the recording booths..

midorikonton: I watch and listen, thinking about how soon you’ll be making those same moans and cries from beneath me as I pound your sweet little body. I add a little arousal to the subliminal cocktail, just a touch–don’t want it to feel unnatural, after all.

deeperinmypower: I open my eyes, and refocus on the sheet of lyrics in front of me. I begin to sing, my voice like honey pouring into the microphone. I look up at the sound guy. It’s a sexy song, so I think to myself, why not? I’ll give him a performance, and that’ll help sell my voice on the recording. It’s only going to be a bit of a tease, though, I tell myself. Just to help the recording go smoothly. My hands begin to lightly skim over my torso….

midorikonton: I smile, wondering idly how you’re rationalizing this to yourself. I watch you perform for a while, waiting to see how far you’ll go on the low-level subliminals before I start moving forward.

deeperinmypower: I continue through the song. It really does feel good. So good to melt into the song and perform. I glance again at you, seeing your smile, and I smile in return. You’re kinda cute, I guess. But I know it’s just a show I’m putting on. I mean, I’m a famous woman. I don’t just whore myself out for any man who walks by.

midorikonton: I smile more broadly when I see how you’re looking at me. “I think we have enough on the first track, Ms. Grande,” I tell you. “Let’s move on to the second.”

This one is designed to build on the first. The subliminals are a little stronger, combining arousal, attraction to me specifically, calmness, and pleasure.

deeperinmypower: “Sure thing!”

midorikonton: I activate the next track, with its looping background subliminals. In one ear: “Relax. It feels good to relax. Feel good. Feeling good is relaxing.” In the other ear a different loop is hidden: “Feeling sexy. Sexy feels good. The song is sexy. I’m sexy. The engineer is sexy.”

deeperinmypower: This one is more of a dance track, so I begin bopping to it, swaying my hair around like a party girl. I’m loosening up, nice and limber as I begin to writhe and squirm on the seat, doing my job in terms of singing, but losing myself more and more to just how good it feels to relax and let go, inhibitions fading. Again, I give you a glance, and bite my lip, seductively, before reaching round and untying my ponytail.

midorikonton: I add a third loop, alternating between the two sides, even while the first two loops are still playing. “The engineer is sexy. I want him. I want him to want me. I need to be sexy.”

deeperinmypower: I continue to look at you, staring at you even, fixated on…your body. I’ve not been with a man for quite some time, so…yes, of course it makes sense I’m feeling slightly horny. I wonder what it would be like to put on a strip tease for him. To tempt him into the booth, and to give myself to him…entirely. I stand up now, headphones still on, and begin to writhe, barely disguising my feelings.

midorikonton: I grin and watch you gyrate for a bit. Then I continue, “Just a couple more songs, Ariana. Let’s move on to track 3.” This one’s subliminals are unchanged–the key here is the lyrics, which I rewrote personally, transforming a fairly standard unrequited love song into a song about a girl who craves a man’s touch so much that she’ll do anything he says…

deeperinmypower: I’m momentarily disorientated. It feels like that track went by in a blur. I reach out to steady myself, and note that my nipples are already tight. I pick up the sheet, and begin to croon along to the lyrics.

“You never gave me the time of day, but baby, I’ve always felt this way, I’ll do anything you say, anything you say…”

midorikonton: “This is good, Ariana,” I say, “but let’s try that again from the top. You gotta really sell it, make me believe you mean it.” I restart the song from the beginning.

deeperinmypower: I moan in frustration, like a spoilt brat. But I don’t argue. So it begins again. This time, as I sing, my fingers dance over my breasts. I’m beginning to realise something. You’re the man for me. You’re the only man for me. I’m so lucky we’ve got this time together.

midorikonton: “Better,” I say, “But I think we should try again. You really have to believe what you’re singing if you expect the audience to believe it.”

deeperinmypower: I pout. And sulk. And decide I’ve had enough. If you’re really insistent on me selling it, then that’s what you’re going to get. I’ll show you. This time, as the music plays, I don’t just stand there. I stalk, seductively around the booth, showing off my legs, sliding down my top so you can see almost all of my full, soft breasts. As it comes to the chorus “I’ll do anything you say, anything you say…”, I take a seat, and spread my legs wide, so my miniskirt is barely covering my panties. There’s no point even denying it any more. I’m hot. I’m horny. I’m wet. I need to be fucked.

“I’ll do anything you say. For real. Anything. Please…”

midorikonton: I grin. “I know you will,” I tell you. “But let’s get through one last song, first.” It’s a driving, sensual beat, a wordless song made to be danced to, but without anything for you to sing. “Strip for me,” I tell you. “Keep the glasses and headphones, though.”

midorikonton: While you dance, more subliminals worm into your wet, open brain. “I’ll do anything for  Master. I live to fuck Master. Need Master. Obey Master. Worship Master. I love serving Master.”

deeperinmypower: I hold the headphones close to my ears. By now, I absolutely adore the music. It makes me so happy. It makes me so horny. It makes me so…yours. “Whatever you say, babe…” I tease.

As the subliminals pound into my mind, I can barely think, I just need to obey.

the miniskirt is first to go, dropping to the floor, revealing black silk panties.

deeperinmypower: “Master is all I want…” I sigh, leaning over the chair, giving you a full view of my cleavage as I begin to slowly remove the top, looking over my glasses at you

midorikonton: “Good girl,” I say. I turn on a second loop of subliminals to play alongside the first: “The more I obey, the better I feel. The better I feel, the more I obey.”

Then I stand and begin taking off my shirt. I’m not doing a strip tease or anything, that’s your job, but I’m definitely doing it where you can see me.

deeperinmypower: I moan as the second level of subliminals hit. “Master is all I neeeeeeeeed!” My top hits the floor, and I lay over the stool, just in my panties. No bra. My tits on display. I begin to pant, and drool, becoming almost insane with lust as I watch you take your shirt off. “Gawd…I’m such a bad girl….I need to be fucked….I need to be…..commanded!”

deeperinmypower: “What would you have me do, Master?”

midorikonton: “Yes, you do,” I say, opening the door and entering the recording booth. My pants hit the ground as I stalk toward you. “Get those panties off.”

deeperinmypower: I almost can’t react fast enough as I comply, ripping the panties off. My pussy already dripping.

deeperinmypower: My eyes are wide and my head is lolling from side to side. “Ariana is your fuck slave, Master. Thank you for brainwashing me…”

midorikonton: “You’re very welcome,” I say as I drop my underwear. I then grab you and pull you to me, my mouth covering yours possessively.

deeperinmypower: The hunger in my mind is evident as my tongue explores your mouth and my hands roam, desperately, over your body. I can barely think. I need you inside me, taking possession of me.

midorikonton: I’ve waited long enough. I run a hand down over your abdomen to your pussy, stroking slowly over it to feel how wet you are. Then I grasp your legs and pull you up as I thrust my hard cock into you.

deeperinmypower: I gasp, and the pleasure courses though my mind, the instructions I’ve been subjected to becoming reality. It tears through my mind, my career, my ambitions becoming null and void. All that matters is your pleasure. Having you cum inside me would be an honour unrivalled.

midorikonton: “You like that, slut?” I ask, pounding your tight little pussy. “You ready to be filled with my cum like the horny little slave girl you are?”

deeperinmypower: “Oh, Mid, darling, please, yes! Cum inside this whore! This empty, brainless, tease whore! Fuck my mind away! Fill me with your seed!”

midorikonton: “Well, since you ask so nicely… Cum for me, my little cockslut!” With a groan, I begin pumping your tight pussy full of my hot, sticky seed.

deeperinmypower: “Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!” I scream, writhing wildly as I feel your cum pulse inside of me, my brains leaking out my hot, wet pussy, ending any last hope I had of being independent, ever again

I wrap my arms around your neck, pulling you close. “Thank you Master, thank you, thank you…” I pant.

midorikonton: “Good girl,” I tell you, out of breath myself. “Now, here are the rules for your new life: you’re mine. You will never allow anyone else to work as your sound engineer. As far as anyone else is concerned I’m your new boyfriend that you’re head-over-heels for. You’ll never allow anyone else in the room while we work. And when we’re alone, you’ll be my horny, obedient slave. Understood?” I give you a long, slow, lazy kiss.

deeperinmypower: “Mmmmm….of course, Master. You’re the only man a girl like me could ever need. Anything else I should know?”

midorikonton: “I’ll let you know. In the meantime, get on your knees where you belong and clean me off.” As she does, I imagine the other hot young artists she might persuade into my booth…

I had a lot of fun with this!