Emma yawned. That was strange, she thought. It hadn’t been a late night – she wanted to be refreshed and ready for her second – no wait, third interview with the Corporation. As far as she could remember – and her memory was oddly hazy on this – she’d had her second interview yesterday, and gone to bed nice and early.

Emma smiled and took another long swig of the warm, comforting, coffee. It tasted sweeter this time. She felt the hot liquid pulse down her throat, almost as if it was being pumped directly into her bloodstream. Emma relaxed. They’d be here to collect her for the next interview, soon.

Emma downed the last remnants of the coffee, placed the mug carefully on the table, and lay back, draped over the chair. A dumb smile formed over her lips as she heard the first candidate enter the room. Emma let her hands rest gently at her side, and her legs slide effortlessly open. Her eyes remained fixed on the ceiling as she saw the first candidate stand over her.

“So, can you tell me why you are interested in this particular opening?” she purred.