Jodie sighed as yet another feature request came in. She would never have agreed to help Paul out with this little side project of his if she had known how much of a slavedriver her former coworker would be once he was in charge. To be honest, she wasn’t entirely sure why she ever agreed to help in the first place. She didn’t even really know what she was helping with, though she was too proud to admit it.

Paul had shown her a demo of his project, a rough prototype, but she had zoned out at just the wrong moment and missed most of it. She was pretty sure it had opened with a spiral and some words, which was probably just a logo, and then she didn’t really remember much until Paul slammed shut the lid of his laptop and asked what she thought of his “educational tool”. After a moment, she had managed to babble something complimentary – she didn’t want to disappoint him, after all – and then quickly found herself agreeing to work on it in her spare time. 

All her spare time, as it turned out. This new request, “increase subliminal frequency by 50% to improve rate of mental depletion”, she just knew it was going to take all night, somehow. She would have to let Edward know she was cancelling dinner again, which was annoying because she really didn’t have time for another argument about how she was ignoring him or whatever. She needed to fulfil all of Paul’s requests, he knew that, she had told him again and again. 

At least everyone else understood. Paul had asked her to beta test his software on some of her friends and they all loved it. Her sister, when she saw the latest version, even asked for Paul’s address so she could praise him in person. She had wondered briefly why he specified that it had to be her attractive friends but she didn’t dwell on it. She was growing more and more used to not understanding things, and just listening to Paul instead.

As she ran the application to test her latest modifications, she saw the logo thing appear and started to zone out again. It didn’t matter if she did that once in a while, Paul had assured her. His project was going perfectly.


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