Kat Dennings.

It was faint, but Kat heard the call. She couldn’t fail to. Broadcast on a frequency that only girls who’d been exposed to the conditioning previously could hear, Kat recognised it immediately.

And as soon as she’d done so, the flashbacks began. The brainwashing chamber. The cold steel of the chair she’d been forced into. The metal prongs that held her eyes open, drinking in the horrors, and the delights, of the screens all around her.

The need to submit. The need to obey. Tit-fucking the man behind it all, having his cum plastered all over her chest, face and hair. Him watching her, amusedly, afterwards, flicking through her book of contacts, commanding Kat to phone Natalie, Mary-Elizabeth, Dakota and several others, luring them into the same trap she’d fallen for.

Kat fought to hold on, as the flashbacks took over, draining all other thought or will from her mind. But resistance was useless. And soon, that blank, far-away look in her eyes was all that was left. And instead of heading into the cinema to join her co-stars for the premiere, Kat climbed into the waiting limo, shimmying out of her dress as she waited on the back seat for the others that she’d called that day to arrive and be taken to be reunited with their one true Master.

Ah, I see you beat me to this one. Very nicely done!