“Rose, lean your pretty, little head back, and stare into the pretty twinkling lights, my beautiful girl…that’s right lay back, listen to my beautiful, slow sleepy voice…such a good girl for me.” Yes, it’s perfectly natural to let your legs slowly open and you open your mind and body to your Mistress more and more and more. 

It was a little too easy to hypnotize Rose. She had stopped into Lisa’s room to borrow a dress for a party that night….all she needed to do was focus her mind on the twinkling lights. “Rose, try on this one” Lisa handed her a silver sequin dress, “look how pretty it is with all the silver sparkles, I mean, in the dark party (Lisa turned down the lights) you’d sparkle!” Rose giggled and twirled about as the sparkled danced and flickered around the room.

“Look how pretty the lights are Rose, I just put these lights up over my bed. I find them so comforting and relaxing, don’t you?” Rose was midway through unzipping the dress as she turned her attention to the lights. They did sparkle, they did seem relaxing…

Rose let the dress lower to the floor and found herself listening to Lisa describe each and every light…

Lisa looks down at Rose’s hypnotized boy and mind. She’s completely entranced by Lisa’s voice and the twinkling lights. Lisa closes her eyes for a minute and blushes slightly as her panties begin to dampen.

“She’s completely hypnotized now, sir-with-the-pendulum, I did exactly as you commanded, Master…”

Mmmm, I’d love Lisa to do this for me, too..