Miss Louise Chartier, the French teacher, had been a fan of audiobooks ever since she’d discovered that she could listen to them on her morning mile run, often with a chapter finishing right at the same time she reached the school building. Those French audiobooks that Mr. Rogers had recommended, for instance, were just perfect. Not only did they keep her company on those dark mornings, but they seemed to relax her so much. And, if she was being honest, there was something about the intonation of that deep, soothing French male voice that she found, well, erotic. By the end of her runs, Louise was often wetter than she’d anticipated.

Louise had to thank Mr. Rogers for his wonderful suggestions. And the audiobooks would tell her exactly how to do so.

This is a hot pic, hot concept, hot everything… except the name “Mr. Rogers” for the controller. So I’ll reblog it, but… yeah, no, that’s way too jarring a mental image for me to fully enjoy this.