Sarah looked at him accusingly. Half an hour ago, she’d stormed into the flat they shared, demanding to know if what her sister had said was true. That he’d tried it on with Ashley, sent her gifts and explicit text messages. He hadn’t denied it. He told Sarah to calm down. He said that what he did for his own pleasure was up to him, and she wasn’t to question him. That was the moment when a tiny part of her mind broke away, like rocks falling off a cliff. She wasn’t to question him. All protests died in her throat, even though the anger remained in her mind.

He led her to the bedroom, and instructed, no, commanded Sarah to change into the lingerie he’d bought her. The anger was still bubbling away, but her mind was breaking so quickly now, she wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer. Sarah did as she was told.

He handed her the phone. Dial Ashley’s number. Tell her she’s a good girl, and she needs to come home. Sarah did as she was told. Now, they’d wait. Until Ashley came through the door, dressed in matching lingerie, and they both began their worship.