Just one little lick between friends
isn’t going to get you addicted.

You’re a big girl, you can think for
yourself. Once you’ve taken that thick, hot, delicious cock of his
the back of your throat and tasted him on your tongue you’ll have no
problem moving on with your life and concentrating on things you need to

You won’t…you won’t…what were you
trying to think of again? It was on the tip of your tongue.

Now why did you think about your
tongue? Now you’re remembering the way he shivered when you licked
him from the base all the way to the tip. That shiver made your cunt
clench just seeing it. That had never happened to you before. And now
you’re remembering it. And now it’s doing it again. You’re better
than this, you should be able to concentrate.

Just think. Just think hard.
Hard…wait, no…

His cock was hard. So hard. Your lips
stretched around it. It filled your mouth. Oh God, are you drooling?
No, no, you’re better than this. Think of something else, not how
hard he was how think how hot how he tasted oh God.

Just one more time. That’ll be all you
need. Then you can see it wasn’t all that. Just one more. Then you
can stop.

You told yourself that last time, you
know, but this time you mean it. Just one more.

Then you can stop thinking about it.