Shae awoke early to hear rustling in the room and realised He was already awake.

A foreign but very real urge to suck His cock suddenly popped into her head. He crawled onto the bed and she spread her legs as he leant in.

“Good morning!” He said, giving her a deep passionate kiss.

“Morning, Master.” she replied groggily. “I wanted… needed to give you a blowjob but you’re already awake.” she felt sad at the thought.

“Don’t worry. There’ll be time for that later… You were great last night by the way. Real firecracker once you’d gotten warmed up!” he said as he pulled away.

“You were pretty good yourself, Master!” she replied, giggling. She felt like a schoolgirl again, blushing at the things she’d done with him and to him. She’d never done them with anyone before.

His right hand reached under the covers and she moved slightly to allow him easier access, moaning softly as his middle finger slid inside her.

“I’m going for a run and I need to make some calls. I’m taking the day off… Go make us something light for breakfast and be waiting by the table on your knees wearing the babydoll I put out for you.”

Shae smiled and nodded. “Whatever you want, Master.”

“When we’ve eaten, we’ll take a shower and wash each other. Then we’ll go to my study and discuss your new hypnosis fetish some more.”

“Will you hypnotise me again, Master?” she asked, beginning to shake.

“Yes, I think hypnosis is going to play a very big role in our relationship from now on. What do you think?”

“I’d like that, Master.” she beamed, moaning at the thought of relinquishing control to Him.

He slid his finger out of her pussy and stood up to leave. Her pussy felt suddenly, strangely empty.

“Are-are you still going to be my therapist, Master?”

He shook his head and sighed. “You won’t be a paying client anymore, no. On the upside though, you’re going to move in with me, so we’ll be able to do morning, evening and weekend sessions.”

“That sounds great, Master!”

“I knew you’d like it… Right. Remember, babydoll, light breakfast and on your knees at the table. Back in 15.”