What the fuck is this? That’s what ran through Lily’s head as she looked at herself in the mirror.

Her blonde hair was coloured some bright shade of pink. Her face was bathed in makeup. She was dressed in some tiny, undersized, bikini and wearing large, flashy, headphones.

She stormed out of the bathroom and straight into the bedroom where she began to yell at her boyfriend.

“Hey what the fuck is this!?”

“Oh my god!” he gasped, “What happened!?”

“I don’t know I ju–”

Before she could continue he jumped to his feet and began to check her headphones, “Did one of the wires come loose or something?”

“Hey what the fuck are you doing?” she complained, swiping a hand to strike him away.

“This is annoying,” he mumbled, “now I’m going to have to get them fixed, or replaced.”

“Wait… do you know something about this? What the fuck did you do?”

“Hmm even if the file isn’t playing anymore the triggers should still work.”

“I’m gonna kill–”

“Waifu Mode.”

A rush surged through her mind as he activated one of her hypnotic triggers, her brain clouding over as she suddenly began to giggle happily.

“Hiya Master-san! Lily so horny! Lily suck Master cock?”

“Not now Lily-chan. I need to get your headphones fixed first. Be a good waifu for me and listen to your happy songs from my laptop instead. We’ll have plenty of sex when we get back.”

“Lily wait good. Love you Master-san!”

Back on that lovely brain washing music went. She still had around six weeks of her course left to go until her old self was completely gone and she’d be reduced into her Master’s waifu slave forever. Her Master wasn’t going to give her a second chance to escape.