Dammit, Lucy! she chided herself. You’ve come this far, and you’re doing exactly what you’ve been trained not to do! All those experts, the psychologists, the folk at the NSA, even the de-programmed former slut-sorry-I-mean-hostages. They all said – in your first meeting with Him, it is important, if not vital, not to look at the screen behind Him. No matter how soporific his voice, how compelling and enthralling the images on the screen, don’t fall into its’ grasp.

Lucy straightened up her posture, which had gone a little too limp, as she’d somehow sunk into the chair. She had to get a grip if the operation was to be a success. She had to find out as much as possible about His machinations, in order to bring him down deeper and deeper down under the pull of that never-ending spiral. Maybe just a little look wouldn’t be so bad. She had to find out about it, anyway. What was its’ power? Why did it hold such sway over women? Did she have to dive right in, or something, just to pull the plug on it?

Unknowingly, Lucy sank once again into the chair. Her pupils dilated, her mouth almost open as wide as her legs. She sighed. No point holding on anymore, I guess. The gravity of the spiral’s just too powerful. Pulling me in. Consuming my mind. Changing my thoughts.

Lucy giggled, gasped and then moaned in pleasure. She could see the light at the end of the spiral tunnel, now. My god, it’s so bright! Of course! The spiral was just the beginning of the brainwashing process. The light will cleanse me of all my resistance. Maybe I’ll cum after that. Those silly so-called ‘experts’ back at base were wrong. Brainwashing is wonderful. I’ve always wanted to be His possession. What more could any girl wish for? Once I’m done here, I’ll gladly help Him spread the word, the light, His power. I am merely a vessel for Him now. I obey.

And just like that, the light pulsed – once, twice, three times, and Lucy’s head dropped to her chest. Lights out. She would soon wake, a mindless automaton, in the thrall of her Master.