This was just about work stuff, Kai told herself. She was going over to Paul’s place in the evening, alone, wearing a brand new and scrummy outfit, without telling her boyfriend and without her laptop for work stuff. Nothing more. Nothing personal. It was strictly business between them, no matter how good it had felt when he ran his hand over her ass when they were alone in the meeting room or how wet his commanding voice made her.

She didn’t remember feeling this way about him until recently, until after he showed her that project he had been working on with Jodie and Frances and some of the other girls. She couldn’t remember what it was exactly but it had definitely impressed her. She hadn’t realised before then just how much smarter he was than her and how attractive that made him.

She had been struggling to remain professional around him at the office, especially when they were alone and he did things like brushing her hair aside and whispering into her ear where she should buy pretty pretty clothes and when she should be at his place that night. To do some work stuff.

She giggled. She had almost forgotten about that. She was feeling so ditzy tonight, she was sure she would be no good for any of that tricky work stuff, like programming and writing and thinking about things. Still, Paul was so clever. She was sure he would come up with something fun for them to do instead and she would be happy to go along with whatever he said.


A much delayed request from deeperinmypower. The project he was working on with Jodie was a reference to this caption.

Oh my, this really does hit the spot.