“Your breasts are so big. So sensitive. So nice to play with.”

Her sister had sent her the email, just a one line “you’ll totally love this!” and obedience.mp3 attached. She had assumed it was the song title. She had been wrong.

“Your mind is so empty. So stupid. So hard to think with.”

If she had stopped and thought about it, she might have wondered why her sister was being so much less verbose than usual. Maybe she would have figured it was a virus and just deleted it. But she didn’t.

“Your body is so beautiful. So hot. So easy to please with.”

She had been listening for a few minutes when she tried to stand and leave. Instead, she found herself falling backwards on to her bed, her hands roving her body, squeezing and teasing. Even if she had wanted to stop now, she couldn’t.

“Your friends are so pretty. So obedient. They would be so fun to serve with.”

Oh my, this is good.