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“Pens down, please. Time’s up.”

The cohort stopped their work, some grudgingly, some relieved that the exam was finally over.

“Good work today, now go home and relax!” Miss Nathan smiled.

I hung back from the group. If the rhythm I’d been tapping away during the exam had worked, then….

“Er, Paul, can I ask you to stay behind a moment?”

I turned around. Miss Nathan had a smirk on her face. She looked over my shoulder, and put her finger to her lips.

Once the last of the class had left, she addressed me again.

“Paul – be a dear and lock the door, will you?”

I did as I was told.

Miss Nathan walked towards me, like a predator surveying its’ prey.

“I can’t get the rhythm out of my head, Paul. You put it there, didn’t you?”

She backed me against the wall, and put one hand above my left ear.

“That I did, Miss Nathan.”

She was almost on top of me now, her hips beginning to sway. She pulled down her top.

“Please…call me Lauren. Call me slave, call me slut…call me anything!”

I grinned.

The begging stopped, suddenly, and she looked me in the eye with a deadly seriousness, almost aggression.

“So, are we gonna fuck now, or what?”

I leaned in to kiss her, but Lauren had other ideas. She pinned me to the wall, and devoured me.

Afterwards, I left Lauren, a panting, sticking, hot wet mess on the floor of the exam hall.

“Same time tomorrow, right?”

“Yessss….” she sighed.