I must have entered the room a little too abruptly. It was enough, apparently, to break Lisa out of her reverie.

“Oh! Sir! You startled me! I wasn’t expecting you back in the office until-wait…what am I doing? Why am I wearing just my underwear? What’s…that on the….screen……..”

I smiled kindly, and walked behind Lisa, placing my hands on her behind. I could feel her flinch, slightly, but she was in no position to resist.

“Sssh, Lisa. Concentrate on the screen, it’s very important. If you’re going to be my personal assistant, you’re going to have to learn the rules.”

I felt her body relax as she lost herself to the screen once more.

“yes, sir, I must learn the rules…”

I ran my fingers over her butt, and she parted her legs. 

“The rules are very important, Lisa.”

“yes, the rules are important. I must follow the rules..”