Karen realised she’d made a terrible mistake. What had she been thinking, sneaking into her sister’s bedroom, and snooping through Amy’s emails like this?

All because she wanted to get to the bottom of why Amy had been acting so weird lately, like a cross between a Stepford Wife and a porn star.

Karen stared, unblinking, as her eyes grew wide and she drowned in the wonderful visions that filled the screen. Her mind acted like a powerful sponge, soaking up all the thoughts, feelings, desires, instructions that flashed up on the screen.

Paul is your Master, Paul is your God.

You worship Paul, you are devoted to Paul.

You love, honour and obey him. You serve him, mind, body and soul.

You’ll show off your body to him. You ache to please him with your body.

You’ll send this message to all the pretty girls you know.

You want all pretty girls to worship, just like you do.

You are Paul’s slave.

Karen couldn’t help but accept it all. She would have stared at the screen for hours, had she not soon felt a hand rest on her shoulder. The chair slowly span round, and Karen saw Amy, Amy, her fellow slave-sister.

“Oh, my dear sweet Karen, you’ve been such a naughty girl. Sneaking in here. You really didn’t need to, y’know. You could have just asked me.”

“I…I wasn’t thinking…” stammered Karen, as she tried to regain her composure.

“That’s right! And you don’t need to think, ever again. Now, let’s both watch the pretty lights some more, until Master Paul gets here.”

“Yess…I…I obey. I wasn’t thinking. I wasn’t thinking…” Amy swivelled Karen back into place, and rested her head on Karen’s shoulder. Brainwashing was good for them both. Obedience was bliss.