Lisa began to laugh uncontrollably. She just loved this show! She’d heard rumours that some crazy folk in Washington were trying to get it banned, saying it was ruining the lives of thousands of women across the country, but Lisa just knew that was silly. How could they take it off the air? It was her favourite show!

Lisa’s legs squirmed and shivered with excitement, as she crossed and uncrossed them, desperately trying to keep a lid on the growing dampness down below. How could anyone not adore this show? All the pretty young girls, dancing, laughing, generally having a good time as the music pounded out a dance beat and their minds turned to mush and their bodies became puppets and they looked so happy to be used and and and….

Lisa lay back, one hand snaking towards her clit. She wanted to be on the show, just like those happy happy girls. She never wanted the show to end. For her, it never would.