Rachel was dreaming again. It felt like a dream. She sure hoped she was dreaming. A week ago, she’d fallen asleep at her computer, and had dreamt of being brainwashed by an on-screen spiral. That was a dream, right? It was getting so hard to tell, these days. Anyway, she’d been brainwashed, and she’d almost orgasmed as her brain took in all the instructions she received. Except, before she found release, Rachel had woken up.

Ever since then, Rachel had been doing everything she could to dream again. To complete the brainwashing, to finish her submission – to find release. She’d not been able to cum for days now. It was impossible to concentrate on anything else, it seemed. But dreaming was difficult – you can’t force your mind to dream. She had to be naked to dream, that much she knew. Rachel felt like she was going insane from the need to dream, from the need to desperately find release.

And now, here she was, her entire vision taking on some kind of weird soft-focus lens. And more importantly, He was here, the one who’d sent her the spiral, the one who’d allowed her to dream in the first place. he was letting her dream again, and Rachel was ever so grateful. She’d thank him, on her knees. Her submission would soon be complete.

Finally got around to writing something based on this request. And my, doesn’t this girl look like Rachel Stevens? I wish.