Meg sighed. It was no use. Kristen just seemed completely unresponsive. And her eyes…there was a kind of weird glow in Kristen’s eyes that made Meg shiver with worry. What on earth had happened? There was obviously no getting through to the poor girl now. And that creepy flower-seller guy had scarpered. Typical. The scent from the rose was slightly off, too. Meg tried not to inhale too much.

Meg turned her attention back to the stricken Kristen. 

“Well then, what now?” Meg said, to herself.

And then – Kristen’s face broke into a broad smile.

“Your turn!” Kristen offered the flower to Meg, pushing it right under her nose, so that Meg couldn’t avoid taking a long, deep whiff of the rose.

“We’ll be his, soon enough!” giggled Kristen.

Meg tried her best to resist, to get away, but she couldn’t. Her mind was getting foggier, and foggier. The scent of the rose occupied her mind completely. Well, that, and having visions of herself and Kristen, naked, licking each other’s cunts as The Flower Seller feasted on their bodies and minds…