“Right – is this thing on? OK, day five, and I think it’s really starting to affect me. I’ve tried to stay indoors, keep the windows closed and so on, but there must be some gaps in the walls somewhere. I can’t seem to stop whatever’s in the air getting in. And ‘cos it smells so sweet, I can’t, like, stop myself from breathing it in, y’know? I’m sure it’s changing me – my ass has grown, my tits feel rounder. <giggle!> And, like, I keep, y’know, giggling? I’m such a dumb ditz! I should just, y’know, strip off and go outside, let it take me now. I mean, ohmygawd – my pussy’s already soaking wet, y’know? What else am I waiting for? <giggle!> OK, bye-bye, Mr. Camera. Guess I won’t be seeing you again – unless it’s for a sexy strip tease or something! <giggle!> Cassie, out!”