Cosplay girl

(Continued from this post)

“Please!” the Sirens begged in unison. “Let us out!”

“I promise I’ll be good,” said Harley. “Just let us go back to Master!”

“We need him,” moaned Catwoman. “Please, if I can’t have his cock soon I’ll go insane!”

Poison Ivy was pumping out pheromones, gazing at the police officer outside, apparently unaware he had filters in his nostrils. “I know you want me,” she said. “You can have me. Just let us out and you can have all of us, as long as we can go to Master after…”

“Amazing,” Batwoman said. “And you say they’ve been like this since I brought them in?”

The officer nodded. “Whoever this “Master” guy is, he screwed up their minds real bad. Mad Hatter, do you think?”

“No,” said Batwoman. “Not his MO. He’s very particular about the women he… keeps, and he never sends them out to commit crimes for him.”

“So…” said the cop. “Someone new in town.”

“Someone new.”

To be continued…