Whatever he’d done to her, she couldn’t move. She was totally and utterly helpless. As she sunk to her knees, the necklace change back from its glowing green to it’s natural colour.

“Good girl, Christina. Don’t fight it. Just submit to its power.”

“Fuck you, asshole.” she said, just. Her mouth was frozen, but her tongue able to move.

“That’s no way to speak to your new owner. But don’t worry. The necklace doesn’t just have power over your body, it can change your mind as well. It can make you think anything I want.”

“You wouldn’t… My family… They’d know it was you…”

“Well, you see, that necklace is one of several now in my possession. And besides, once I’m finished modifying you, the change will be permanent. I could put it on someone elses chest. Say your sister, Cathy?”

“No… Please don’t… I’m sorry… Leave her alone…”

“Don’t worry. I won’t do anything to her… You will… You see…” he stroked the jewel on his ring, causing it, and her necklace to glow green again. “… You’ve always wanted to be my possession. Just a whorish slave to my bottomless depravity. You’ll do anything I tell you, because you’re so madly and deeply in love with me. You enjoy being under my power. You love being bent to my will, and you enjoy bending others to my will, because you believe that all should worship and obey me, just as you do. And you want to ensure that happens by starting with your family… Their money will ensure I’ll be comfortable as I begin my plans… Now, Christina… Why don’t you crawl over to your master and show me how much you want to suck my big cock.”

“Yes, my Lord. As you command…”