I’m not like this. Why am I doing this? I can stop. But… I don’t want to stop. Oh, I should have just kept my big mouth shut. “Professor Donall’s research is immoral in the extreme.” I called him out in front of the rest of the department, in front of potential donors.
I should have realized something was going on when I spent so much of Spring Break at the mall buying all these suggestive clothes. I think my students jaws broke when they dropped when they saw me in these heels.
Then he started showing up in my house. He’d walk right in while I was trying to concentrate on work and start jerking… masturbating in front of me. I said I was going to call the cops but he just laughed and told me I wouldn’t. He knew.
Then after doing that, a little longer each time until after two weeks he ejac… he came in front of me he comes in tonight and asks me what I want. I try to to not say it, but it just comes out “I want to suck your cock.” And he says fine.
So here I am, and I hate it, but I love it, and he’s telling me tomorrow he’s going to come into my class room and I’m going to beg to do this in front of my students. And right before the meeting that will be scheduled by the department for that the next day, I’m going to beg him to fuck me on the quad. Then I’m going to be fired and he will come to collect me to use as a demonstration model. I will giggle and squeal for his clients and beg them to fuck me in every hole.
I am so afraid. I can’t wait.

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