“You want to fuck me,” Jafar intoned seriously. Jasmine’s pussy started to get wet and she tried to spread her legs wider. Jafar’s hand still dug into the meat of her thigh, as he continued to spread her as far as possible. She was no longer embarrassed about being exposed to Jafar. She just wanted him to have easy access to her pussy.

Jasmine reached down and grabbed Jafar’s ass with one hand and his cock with the other.

“I want you inside me,” her voice was a high whine. He smirked down at her as her fist twisted around the head of his cock.

“You’re not worth as much to me if you’re no longer a virgin. Many men would be willing to pay for the pleasure of taking your virginity.”  He sounded amused, and Jasmine tried to shift her hips, she needed pressure any kind of touch.

“Please, fuck me, touch me. Do something,” she begged her dearest lover Jafar.

“I suppose something can be arranged.” With his free hand Jafar adjusted her grip on his cock so that her smooth hand circled it. Holding her wrist down, he thrust his hips forward, like he was fucking  her hand. Her thumb dug into her clit and she shuddered. She watched in amazement as the swollen cock peeked through her grip on every thrust only to disappear again.

She closed her eyes and soaked in the feeling. The shaft of his cock was nestled between her lips and she could feel herself approaching an orgasm. It felt so much like when she touched herself but more delicious, more consuming and almost unbearable. The pressure wasn’t enough, but she could hear Jafar’s breathing get more labored. His thrusts sped up and his face screwed up into pure pleasure.

“Please fuck me,” she cried in a tiny, labored voice. “I want you to fuck me! Fuck me, please! I want your cum inside me.” With a shout he thrust forward one more time and cum spurt out onto her stomach. He thrust a few more times and by the time he was done there was a pool of cum gathering in her belly button. She was disappointed and her pussy ached from her lack of release but she waited calmly for her master’s next instruction.

“You want to swallow all of my cum.” He instructed. Suddenly Jasmine was ravenous, she scooped rope after rope of cum into her mouth swallowing her master’s seed greedily. “That’s it princess,” Jafar urged her, swiping a rope of cum off the underside of her aching breast. He slid his thumb into her mouth and she sucked on his digit, circling it with her tongue. His eyes sparkled.

“You are so much more fun when you listen to your master. You love to obey me.”

“Yes master. I love to obey you,” Jasmine responded, no idea about the spell that  held her.

I want a magical snake staff.

Yeeeah… I think we all had mixed feelings about that scene.

Jafar was so incredibly unsexy though, totally ruined it.


Worked for me, but then I find it easy to put myself in the role of the incredibly unsexy guy.