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Catelynn sighs. Her boss again, most probably.

This time it’s some program. Run this in the background while you do your work. She has no idea why he wants her to, and equally no idea why she decides to actually run it.

Her screen is suddenly filled with fluorescent colours and explosions of words and she rapidly opens a window in the foreground to block them out.

At first they hurt to look at, but the more she looks, the more mesmerising they become. She tries to focus on her work but every now and then her eyes drift slowly towards the program. Obey. Serve. Devoted.

But she ignores them. She brushes them off and forces her eyes back to her work. She needs to concentrate but the longer the program runs, the harder it is to keep her eyes steady.


1 New Message.

Must obey.

Subject: Instructions

Ten minutes later she finds herself climbing into her car, not even sure of her destination but knowing that it’s all she needs to do right now. To get where he wants her to go, because she’d do anything he asked her to do.


She rubs her legs together, feeling her arousal already soaking her panties. Her hand slides down under her skirt and slips into her panties, her fingers teasing her clit as she drives. She’s well over the speed limit and but she doesn’t even care. She just needs to do what he tells her. She always needs to do as he says.

By the time she reaches her destination, an apartment complex in the centre of the city, her hair is in disarray and her breathing so ragged she can barely stand.

You need to obey, Catelynn.

She slips her panties off and stashes them in her purse before rushing inside. There’s no one home, but she knows what to do. He told her exactly what to do, and she always does as she’s told.

She’s in position just in time to hear the click of the door, and then he’s there in front of her.

Good girl, Catelynn. Such a good girl for me.

Her mind is suddenly so empty… so blank and thoughtless…

… and then he’s in front of her and she’s yanking at his belt buckle and pulling his trousers down in her desperate need to taste him.

You must obey.

His hands are in her hair, twisting it roughly in his fingers as she devours him. Her lips wrapped around him, taking him deeper with each thrust.

… and then he’s guiding her with her hair. You must always obey. Fucking her throat hard and fast, and her eyes are rolling with pleasure but she still doesn’t think. Good girls don’t think.

Take off your clothes.

… and then she’s naked, rubbing and teasing herself for him. Showing her body off, her fingers sliding down her neck, pinching her nipples, circling her navel and then delving lower.

Good girl, Catelynn. Very good girl.

She throws her head back as she rubs her clit, loving the way he watches her, knowing she’s pleasing him. His hands are all over her body as she touches herself. His lips biting her neck, leaving marks she knows she won’t be able to hide.

She doesn’t care.

She just does as she’s told.

She wants him to use her; wants to feel his hands and lips and tongue all over her. She wants to pleasure him any way she can. She wants to obey.

I must obey. I must always obey.

…and then she’s bent over the couch, her legs spread, his hand still tangled in her hair and his cock is buried deep inside her. All she can do is moan and beg. Beg for him to touch her, to use her. I must obey. Beg for him to fuck her until she loses her mind. You’ve already lost your mind.


You do as you’re told.

She moans. Her skin is on fire and her body is pulsing with need. I do as I’m told. She’s so desperate to cum but so desperate for the euphoria to never end. I must obey.

She can feel her body building, aching, spasming, tensing, and she doesn’t know how much longer she can hold on. I must always obey.

…and then he’s leaning down, fucking her harder, hitting parts of her she had never felt before, and he’s whispering in her ear. She doesn’t hear the words. She just knows

Cum. Now.

I must obey.

…and then she shatters.

Wow. Great stuff.