Dianna Agron

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Dianna felt good. Really good. Funny, she could usually hold her drink pretty well, but this…that cocktail must have been more powerful than she’d thought. Silly girl! she giggled. A big, dumb smile came over her, and she stumbled around.

“I’m such a tease! I’m a dumb bimbo slut!” Dianna shouted, to the world. Her hands tried to clasp over her mouth, in faux-shock, but she missed, and ended up stroking her breas-titties!

Dianna was on the floor now, dress crumpled in a heap. Six men surrounded her, cocks out, waiting. That big, happy smile. That giggle.

“My, my! SO many eager boys! Where do I start? <giggle!> Eeeny, meeny, miny, mo!” And just like that, Dianna began sucking hungrily on the stranger’s manhood. Nothing else in the world mattered to her, now.

And all the while, the barmaid stood to one side, a blank expression on her face. Reaching behind the bar, she pulled out a mobile phone, dialled the first number that came to mind, and said: “Yes, Master. Dianna should be ready for collection in…half an hour.”