“Now, Michelle, you just sit here, and watch whatever comes up on screen, right?”

“Um, I guess. Are you sure about this, Hayden?”

“Quite sure <giggle!> It’s really entertaining!”

“Oh, OK. What’s this then? Some kind of weird…spiral? Lots of colours. Hmm. I think there might be something wrong with your monitor, Hayden. It’s all blurry and flickering.”

“There’s nothing wrong, Michelle. Just be a good girl and watch, and learn.”

“Wh..I don’t understand. Feels…strange…”

“It feels good, is what it feels, Michelle. Let go. Relax. Watch and learn.”

“Watch…and learn…”

“Good girl. That’s right. Watch and learn. Just like I did.”

“yesss…Hayden…I can’t fight it…watch and learn…watch and learn…”

“Watch and learn. Watch and learn.”