I tried not to think.

Every thought I had was burned from my mind. As soon as I thought it, it sizzled away like grease on a griddle. 

I thought of my boyfriend, thinking that he’d come looking for me soon. Before I could even picture him walking through the door, the idea of him was just gone. Erased from my mind. Within seconds, I forgot who it was I was thinking of.

I tried to protect my identity, but as soon as the idea that I should do that came into my mind, key parts of my identity flared up and disappeared. I forgot my name. I forgot my address. 

I looked at the guy who was doing this to me – staring at me, dead in my eyes, smirking. I knew who he was. However, as soon as I thought his name, my memory of it collapsed into a pile of ashes. Suddenly he was an anonymous figure standing before me, someone I’d never met before.

My mind felt hollow, riddled with holes, like a piece of pumice where limestone should have been. I knew that my head didn’t usually feel like this – and as soon as I thought it, I forgot it. The idea that I’d ever felt differently blew away in the breeze.

I finally began to realize how dire this was. I had to figure out a way to resist against this…

…as I thought that, the idea of ‘resistance’ was gone in a puff of smoke. After that, it was all over.

summerscaptions aces it once again 🙂