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At Camp Wannafuck we have a rather unique entry policy. Candidates do not apply directly. Instead, they are nominated by their friends, colleagues and so on. Images of potential Campers are mandatory, as is a description of their demeanour, given as reasons for why they should be selected. From this evidence, decisions are made.

Camp Wannafuck is renowned for being a life-changing experience. Girls who come to us are often reported as being shy, uptight, repressed even. Needless to say, after a few weeks of unavoidable indoctrination into the way we expect those who enter our family of happy Campers to behave, their outlook on life is significantly altered.

It’s life-changing for those who nominated the Campers too. Once the girls leave the Camp, apart from being desperate to return next year, and to consider deeply who they themselves might nominate, each Camper is programmed to seek out the ones who recommended they attend, and provide them with a very special Camp Thank-you. This way, we assure complete satisfaction on all sides.

Submissions are now open for this year’s Camp. Who will you nominate?

Submissions, eh? Send ‘em in 😉