The Queen tried desperately to hold on to whatever sanity remained, as she turned to face the demon that stood in her bedroom doorway.

You will not win!

I have already won.

He was huge. Tall, imposing, terrifying. What if he was right? It couldn’t be over so soon…

Impossible! I am Queen of this land! All fall before me in servitude!

Correct. All fall – except me.

His voice echoed around the room, within her mind. He was so….commanding. A worthy adversary. One she’d be only too willing to surrender t-no!

I have armies at my beck and call! They shall come to my aid! Their loyalty is unquestioning!

This will remain true. But you shall serve me. And through you, I shall command all the mighty armies.

A shiver ran through her, as she imagined how very mighty he would be.

Never! As Queen, I have been trained since birth to fight mental attacks!

Correct again. But I do not attack. I bring peace. And pleasure.

The Queen looked down for the first time in what seemed like years, and saw her body on display for him. Like the trophy she was-no!

<ohhhh> No…no…..get out of my head! My body….my mind….

It shall be mine to play with. To mould as I see fit, my dear Queen.

She could feel her mind melting. Her clit, too. Everything was changing. Perhaps this was it…

<unfff!> Please! Your voice…in my head….my thoughts….

…Are mine to determine. Your defences are crumbling.

She looked up at him once again. Tall, huge, overpowering, commanding, dominating. He owned her. She was his.

…..I…..I….<oh!> want this…

Our battle is ended, Queen. You are merely my pawn. This land, and all who inhabit it – I command, and you obey.

The Queen’s voice took on a sultry tone as she walked towards him, willingly. His.

Yesss….you command…and I obey….

A picture submitted by fishalivecaps, a story prompt from spiralsandcrystals – thanks both!