Cosplay girl

(Continued from this post)

I leaned back in the best chair in the Kane mansion, watching happily as Robin danced for me.

“So you’ve adopted her?” I asked Batwoman.

“Not legally,” she said. “But basically. Steph is… my ward.”

“So you’re fucking.”

“Well… yes,” Batwoman admitted.

“Tsk, tsk,” I said. “I suppose that explains the costume.” I reached into Robin’s brain and suppressed her intelligence a little more, brought out her lust and pleasure. She staggered against a wall, and gave me a scorching look.

“It’s to distract her opponents!” Batwoman protested. “I got the idea from Power Girl.”

“I just bet you did.” I watched as Robin continued the strip tease, her naked mentor and lover writhing next to me as she masturbated, unaware I was suppressing her orgasm. This was all part of the program–Batwoman’d eventually realize she wouldn’t be able to cum until she had my cock in her, and that should allow me to begin the process of adding myself to her otherwise exclusively lesbian orientation.

With Robin there fortunately wasn’t an issue–though she’d never been with anyone but Batwoman (again: tsk, tsk), she was pansexual, so all I needed to do was make her more attracted to me than anyone else, not mess with her underlying orientation. Easy.

Robin dropped her panties, leaving her in just her boots, and then kneeled in front of me. She giggled happily at the sight of my hard cock, and eagerly began to suck. I made sure to plant arousal and just a hint of jealousy in Batwoman’s mind as well, but mostly I just relaxed and enjoyed it.

“So, how many more of you Birds of Prey are there, anyway?”

Batwoman shrugged. “Well, for starters there are the other Batgirls…”

Wait. There’s more than one Batgirl? Oh, this was going to be fun.

(To be continued…)