Where I do some of my best work…

As she bathed her Boss’s cock with her tongue, Amelia was grateful she worked for such an amazing Company.

When she was job-hunting, she had her choice of gigs. Lots of startups were looking for “rockstar programmers”, but this place was unique. The Company really gave her a hard sell, even sending her a custom Presentation to convince her this was the place she was looking for. After watching it all night, Amelia made the right call.

Amelia filled a need. Many needs, for many people. Not only was she able to improve the core product, but she was an excellent pre-sales demonstration. Her unique perspective as a Presentation viewer made her code even better. The Presentation now rewrote a targeted mind in half the time! Amelia was looking forward to bringing that up at review time.

As much as she gave the Company, Amelia knew she was getting so much more than a paycheck. She received more Training then she’d ever had at any other job, and the Company gym was stocked with standard and custom equipment. Even this mandatory ergonomic break showed that the Company really cared for all of the employees. She’d never have been able to focus on this last code if she didn’t blow someone soon. It had almost been 2 hours!

Amelia’s work-life balance had never been better. Maybe she’d consider moving in to the new Company apartments soon.