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I shouldn’t be here, Sophie told herself. This is far too dangerous!

I’ve had no training, no preparation. But when I heard the ransom demands for my sister, I couldn’t just ignore them, could I? Especially with those voices, whispering to me just beneath the ransom message.

Sophie looked at herself in the mirror. There. I look perfect. He’ll think I’m quite the indoctrinated slave. All I have to do is get close to him, wrap my arms around his neck, my legs around his waist, and…and…

Sophie shook her head. There was something she had to do. She hated that man for taking her sister. Was it hate, though? Really? The face in the mirror continued to stare impassively back at Sophie.

No. It wasn’t hate. It was jealousy. Jealousy that he’d taken Deborah before Sophie. She’d show him, though. Show him that both sisters were far better than one.

Get a grip, Sophie! You’re here to rescue your sister. Gosh, how long *have* you been here? Why can’t you remember? You can’t have done very well at rescuing her, if you’re still here after all this time, couldn’t you?

Sophie felt a hand rest on her shoulder. The weight was powerful, strong. It’s him! Now’s my ch- Another hand stroked her hair, and Sophie felt the soft breath of a woman’s lips bending down to kiss her neck. Deborah! You’re here! There’s no time to lose! We have to…we have to…

But Sophie couldn’t remember. She put the mirror down, and focused on the mantra that came into her head, unbidden, as she felt his touch, and Deborah’s lips.

We have to…please Master.

We have to serve Master.

We pledge ourselves to him, mind, body and soul.

Sophie smiled, and looked up at Master and Deborah. She took their hands, and returned to the bed she’d woken up from, not long before. Sophie straddled Master, running her hands over his bare chest.

See, Deborah. This is how it’s done. Watch me fuck Master, the way a good little pet does…