Nervous as she was, she knew she’d made the right decision [good girl]. Everything was going to be alright from now on. Simpler, easier. Yes things would be different – very, very different [change is good] – but that was okay, change was good [want to change need to change].

So, smiling happily at the good choice she’d made with her life, she lay back and pressed the headphones even more tightly against her ears [have to listen]. The voices – or voices? It was hard to tell – seemed to fill up her head [let yourself be overwritten] like water flowing into a bucket.

She was worried, a little bit, but she could feel that going away [no more worries]. The more she listened, the less worried she got [just give in]. Sighing, she shifted a little and just let her mind go completely blank at last[no more thoughts].

She made the right decision.
[you made the right decision]