“How will I know if it’s working?”

“You won’t know – that’s the point.”

“So, what, I could be hypnotised right now and I wouldn’t even realise it?”


“Really?! So you could be making me do stuff that I wouldn’t normally do and I’d have no idea?!” she mused and then smiled. “That’s… That’s kinda hot!”

“You didn’t seem to think that yesterday!”

“Yesterday? What?! But we never met before toda-… Oh You are doing something to me! Wait-”

“Ah crap.” he sighed, reached up and put a hand on her shoulder. “Forget I said that.”

She blinked quickly a few times and continued bouncing on his dick without missing a beat.

“Where was I? Oh right, um, yeah, I guess it is pretty hot! I’m gonna cum in you soon. Keep rubbing your pussy and watching the screen. Remember, don’t look away.”