Normally, Emma wouldn’t have given him a second look. Sure, he was cute enough, but she was one of the most lusted after women in the world. She was used to a very high grade of meat.

Then she met his eyes. Suddenly, her head was filled with all kinds of steamy fuck scenes, scenes starring the two of them.

Him, bending her over a kitchen table. Her, hungrily fucking him on silk sheets.

Somehow, Emma knew these thoughts weren’t her own. He was controlling her, making her think these thing. But she didn’t mind. In fact, she liked it. She’d never been so wet.

Her, begging him to come on her naked body. Him, slowly working his tongue up her inner thigh.

She smiled at him. She licked her lips. She didn’t know how far his control went. But she couldn’t wait to find out.

Her, bracing against a wall as he…

It’s like you read my mind for fantasies..