Cosplay girl

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The other former Batgirl was one I’d never heard of–went by Nightwing now. I liked what I saw once I found her, though.

With Oracle on my side, though, it was easy to persuade her that an informant wanted to meet her in a warehouse by the docks.

I wasn’t waiting there for long. Nightwing emerged from the shadows, and I smiled. “Hello, Cheyenne,” I said.

She stiffened at the mention of her real name, but then I reached into her head and triggered a wave of lethargy. She yawned and sat back against a crate.

“I should be fighting you,” she said distantly. “But I just… don’t feel like it. You’re doing something to my head, aren’t you?”

“Yep,” I said simply.

“You’re that guy that turned the Sirens into sex slaves, aren’t you?”


“You disgust me…” Despite the strong words, she clearly was struggling to care.

“Not anymore,” I said as I made some adjustments.

“Oh. Huh. You’re right. I guess now I’m really excited by the idea of women becoming your slaves.”

Hmm, maybe turn the lethargy down a bit now that I didn’t need it anymore, I needed to make sure i hadn’t overdone it with her other–

She tackled me to the ground as her lethargy dissolved. For a second I thought she was actually attacking me, but then she started covering my face in kisses while scrabbling at her costume, trying to get it off.

Hmm, I may have overdone the attraction and libido a bit. Should probably tamp that back down now that I see what it’s like without the lethargy interfering with it.

Yep, definitely something I should take care of.

…In a little while…

To be continued…