Black Canary Cosplay by Shermie Cosplay

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With the Bat Family in my pocket, that left only two members of the Birds of Prey free, Black Canary and Huntress. I decided to go after the Canary first. Unfortunately, she must have realized something was up, because when I sent the Bats after her she managed to evade them and catch me off guard.

I’d heard about her Cry, but feeling it firsthand was something else. It didn’t just hurt; it made me dizzy, nauseous, disoriented. My powers seemed to shut down as I collapsed to the ground. I couldn’t feel her mind or anything.

“Well, not so tough now are you, little Mind?” she taunted as she walked toward me. She kicked me in the ribs and I rolled away, trying to protect myself. “You like turning women into your little fuckpets, huh? And you go after the powerful ones, don’t you?” She kicked me again as I struggled to get away.

“I wonder why that is, do you think?” she asked. “Is it because you’re such a vile little weasel no woman would touch you otherwise? Does that make you angry? Do you want to punish us because you think we’re unfair to you?” She kicked again, this time catching me in the kidney.

“Newsflash, asshole! Fair doesn’t mean you get what you want! If nobody wants to fuck you, have you considered that maybe you’re the problem?”

“Who says nobody wants to fuck me?” I wheezed. “You think you have me all figured out, but you’re wrong. This isn’t about revenge.”

Canary gasped and staggered back.

“If I was a vengeful person,” I said, struggling to my feet, “then I’d have hit you with pain the moment I got my powers back. But I went with pleasure instead.”

Canary moaned as her back hit the wall and she slid slowly down it.

“Well, pleasure and arousal,” I said. “Equally overwhelming, but much more pleasant, wouldn’t you agree?”

I winced slightly as I walked over to her. She’d really done a number on me; I’d have to get first aid when I got back to the Kane mansion.

I reached her and tilted her unresisting chin to look up at me. “You see, it’s not about vengeance,” I said. “It’s just about power. I like having it, and I like using it.“ I smiled. “And now that we’ve established who has the power here, let’s get to work on making that permanent, hmm?”

To be continued…