Craig sighed as he watched the young woman approach him. It was too easy, the pheromones were so effective that he could now tell which unwilling soul had fallen under their influence. As he saw the awareness fade from her eyes, he wondered what it was like for them, what they were thinking…


I just couldn’t stop my feet from gliding toward him. In my defense, he was gorgeous. Once I’d laid my eyes on him, I couldn’t seem to pry them away. Still though, I shouldn’t just be approaching every hot guy on the street. What was wrong with me? Anyway, I strolled right up to him, stupid grin on my face and all. I’d kinda forgotten where I was supposed to be going in the first place, so I might as well say hi to this guy. I hoped he thought I was cute. I was just standing there, weak in the knees, while he looked me up and down. He smiled (swoon), opened his mouth, and…



I was….floating? I looked around and saw blue sky everywhere. Yep, I was definitely in the air. Trying to take a step forward, I soon realized that I couldn’t feel my legs. Actually, I couldn’t feel any parts of my body. What was going on here? Looking down, I saw a crowded street, people bustling this way and that, and……me? Yes! It was me! But how was that possible? Was I having some sort of out of body experience?

I refocused my attention on my body. There was a man was talking to me, telling me what a good girl I was. I watched as my body sank to its knees; eyes gazing up at the man with a look of pure submission. It appeared as if I was offering myself up to him. 

Looking on, the man ordered me to worship him if I wanted to keep being a good girl. I couldn’t believe it, right out in public like that! However, there I was, pulling his cock out, tenderly licking up and down the shaft, caressing his balls with my fingernails, wrapping my lips around the head.

I was getting a little uncomfortable now, I didn’t want to have to watch this. Unfortunately, I found that I couldn’t avert my gaze, no matter how hard I tried. I was going to be a forced witness to my own debasement.  

Watching the scene unfold, the man slid his fingers through my hair and balled them up into a fist. He was taking more control now, giving me instructions to drop my hands down. My eyes continued to look up at him with wanton lust. Pulling my red locks, he rammed his cock deep into my throat. Having never taken a cock so deep before, my body started to gag and sputter. The man didn’t seem to care and began pumping himself rhythmically in and out of my throat.

I watched for long minutes until he finally pulled out, keeping the head of his cock in between my lips. He let loose a loud groan as he began to cum, the first blast shooting into my mouth. Quickly, he pulled out fully and sprayed what remained of his load all over my face and hair. He wiped himself with my hair and then ordered me to lick him clean. My body obeyed without hesitation as he pulled out his phone. Now he was talking to me again, and after my responses he would type something onto the screen of his mobile. I didn’t understand. My hands dutifully zipped and buttoned up his slacks. I could see myself adoringly mouth thank you sir. The man walked away and I started to wonder if this was ever going to end…



I was on my knees in the middle of the sidewalk. Looking around, I saw a few people with their phones out, pointed at me, presumably taking pictures or video. I grimaced as I noticed there was a foul taste in my mouth, something familiar. A warm liquid was running down my cheek; I swept a finger across it and looked, realizing the disgusting truth: cum.

What the hell had happened to me?


Craig hummed to himself as he strode into the office. It had been awhile since he’d had a nice redheaded hardbody like that. He glanced at his phone and the information he’d entered into it: Rose Donahue. 26 year old yoga instructor: Residence – 122 Baker Street. Putting his phone back in his pocket, he smiled, already looking forward to visiting Rose later on that night.

Great stuff. I’d like to hear more from Rose when she’s under the spell, and also what Craig’s thinking, during it all, but aside from that, this is well written and hot.