“I know! Can you believe it? They had absolutely no idea!”

Rose giggled, remembering the last time she’d returned back from a weekend at her Master’s place, heading straight to a film premiere, still baring a cum stain or two on her panties. Not that anyone had noticed, of course. It was just a private thing, between Rosamund and the man whose compelling voice had first taken hold in her mind about a year ago.

He laughed, a laugh which still echoed inside her head, sending a shiver of pleasure down Rose’s spine.

It was funny, that. She’d never stopped to question how that worked, before. His lips never moved, but his voice was in her head. So compelling, so commanding, she couldn’t help but obey.

Truth is, he knew Rosamund better than she knew herself. He knew what she liked, what she hated, how she took care of herself. Having him in her head gave her career a bit of a boost, too. It was like that saying – ‘two heads are better than one’ – well, in this case, two voices in her head were better than one. And she loved him for it.

So what if from time to time he…took advantage of his power over her? Commanded Rose to visit him, whenever and wherever he wanted? The resulting sex was always worth it.

Just their little secret, then. Just how it should be, Rosamund thought, as she felt the compulsion to walk over to Master, straddle him, and prepare to be fucked again…

An anonymous request, a sequel to this caption from November last year.