“I love her, Jack! She’s so docile and obedient!” Katie said, snuggling into Him, watching the blonde slowly fellate him

“Isn’t she? She’s quite gentle though. Not like you.”

“Oh, Jack, stop!” Katie replied, swatting His shoulder playfully. “You’re making me blush!”

“Seriously, babe, I love your blowjobs. They’re pretty amazing!”

“Sshhh! Not in front of the help!”

“She doesn’t care. All she cares about is doing her job well. And right now, that means making me cum… Show her, kitty kat. Show amy how to suck her Master’s dick.”

Katie’s eyes glazed over and the puzzled look softened out and a smile formed in the creases around her mouth. kitty kat was awake now.

“Move, slut.” she hissed, pushing amy’s head off her Master’s dick. “Lemme show you how the pros do it!”

“Yes, ma’am.” amy managed as her mouth slid off His dick. she watched intently as her Master’s wife began deepthroating His dick, forcing It as far down her throat as she could.

After a few seconds, she came up for air and a glob of thick, sticky saliva led from her mouth to His dick.

kitty kat forced amy’s head deep down onto Master’s dick.

“Master loves it when we gag on His fat cock. It’s easy to do though because It’s soo big and thick.” kitty kat pulled amy’s head up and down in hard thrusts. she didn’t resist.

“Tell Him how wet it makes us that He has total control over our minds and bodies. That we’re His adoring fucksluts. Kneeling. Serving. Obeying His every command without question. Worship Him. Worship His thick meat in our slave holes.”

He was already cumming deep in amy’s throat before kitty kat had broken into her stride. her loud swallowing noises only made Him enjoy it more.

“Good girl, kitty kat. Back in your box.”

kitty kat shook her head and closed her eyes. Katie opened them a few seconds later.

“That was weird! Must have fallen asleep again! Oh, sorry for drooling on you!” she said, noticing the trail of drool before noticing amy’s handiwork. “Wow! she gives really good head!”

“Yep! Pretty good! Still not as good as you though!”

“Oh, hush!”

Sometimes after a long day, you just need to have a nice, mindless night in. Seldom are these nights to remember, but awful relaxing.