“You’re such a great cocksucker, Katie. Does your husband ever tell you that?”

“No, Master. I don’t suck my husband’s cock anymore. All of my fuckholes belong to you now, Master!”

“That’s good. I love knowing that I’m the only one who gets to use you. I’ll bet that must drive him up the wall, having a hot piece of ass but getting his pussy pass denied night after night!”

“He says he’s going to leave me, unless I start putting out for him, Master.”

“Good. That’ll make the divorce process much easier if he decides he wants out as much as you do. Well, you’re definitely worth every penny I paid for you to go to that retreat!”

“Yes, Master, thank you for sending me for reprogramming. I just want to be your whore 24×7. I love sucking and fucking you. It’s my dream job now!”