“Agent Morgan? Where have you been? We were expecting a status update three days ago. Is everything alright?”

“Oh, everything’s really great now, sir! **giggle**”

“Oh God, you’ve been compromised…”

“Yup! Master caught me trying to steal His work. He was very sad and told me I needed to learn a lesson. I can’t quite remember if I learned it or not but I’m so so happy now! I know my place is with Master, on my knees.”

“I’m so sorry agent. Are-are you able to provide any details of the process? Anything we can use to help the investigation?”

“Nope! Master told me not to tell you anything about how He convinced us to be His loyal fucktoys, worshipping His cock as It pounds our asses, mouths and cunts.”

“Thank you, agent. I’m sorry this happened to such a fine agent such as yours-”

“He did tell me one thing though…”


“During my initial debriefing where He took my clothes off and fucked me raw as I spilled all my naughty secrets, He told me how He planned to take over the agency.”

“Yes? Go on?”

“He told me that He’d piggyback a special signal over my conversation with you. He said that you’d put the call on speaker and that nobody in the room would be unable to hang up the call.”


“Yup! You’re compelled to continue listening to me talk about how wonderful Master is as His signal begins to embed itself in your brains… You can feel the first itches of obedience can’t you? The urge to open your browser and visit a website you’ve never seen or consciously heard of before. Do it. Comply.”

“No, don’t open it… Stop… Oh… Oh my… Pretty…”

“That’s good. You’re doing so well. And now my Master is going to reward me by letting me gag on His cock as He explains the new role of the agency. Goodbye everyone!”