“I’m really happy with your progress, Candice. You’re such a good girl now.”

“I’m such a good girl now.” she replied softly as she gently rubbed her pussy through her panties.

“You’ve accepted your programming with barely any resistance and obeyed my commands without question.”

“I obey your commands.”

“And now that we’ve had some fun exploring each other’s bodies, it’s time to get back to work and continue on with your programming. You’re going to help me, Candice. You’re going to help me bring in more women.”

“I’m going to help you bring in more women.”

“That’s right, Candice. You’re going to lure sexy women back here so that we can brainwash them. You’ll watch as they submit to me one after the other. They’ll fall to their knees and worship me, just like you did.“

“They’ll fall to their knees and worship you, just like I did.”

“Good girl. Now sit back, relax and absorb your programming. When you’ve finished, come back to bed. We’ve got a busy evening tonight.”