Jaimie Alexander

The flash died away, an instant after it had appeared. Something was….different, Jaimie thought.

She couldn’t quite place it. But then, when she turned her head to the side, and saw Him, she realised what it was. She smiled.

“I….I hope you don’t mind me telling you this…” Jaimie said, tentatively. “But I’ve suddenly realised…well, just how goddamn handsome you are…”

“Oh yes?” he replied, feigning ignorance, knowing full well the effect that the camera modifications would have on her thoughts.

Jaimie took absent minded steps towards him, pushing her breasts up, until they were all but out of the top she’d been modelling.

“There’s something else, too…I…I feel like…..I belong to you now? Like, I’m…..your property….”

At that last word, Jaimie sunk to her knees, looking up at him with pleading eyes, her hands stroking his thighs and crotch, the need clear.

“I’m yours…totally, completely. Just promise you’ll fuck me, right here, right now…please….”

A request by @clockworksandspirals