Well done! You’re right. You’ve solved the mystery of the missing girls. It was me all along.

Would you like to know how? I know how much you enjoy explaining how the crime was done. I’ll tell you before your friends get here, and you can explain to them.

It was with this! A simple crystal on a chain. How? Well, you were clever enough to figure out I did it, I’m sure you can figure out how. Here, I’ll hold it up to the light so you can see better.

Look closely, I’m sure you’ll see it. The dancing, sparkling colors, so beautiful, so fascinating. The answer is there, you just need to look, to concentrate, can’t take your eyes off it…

…Focus on the crystal and my voice, shutting out everything else…

That’s right. I hypnotized them. Just like I’m hypnotizing you.

Yes, I am. And you’re already much too far gone to resist. You’ll realize that’s true as you sink to your knees.

Good girl. Now come with me, my dear. We’ll go where no meddling kids will find us, at least not without your investigative skills.