In another minute, she’d be touching herself.

The knowledge sat in her head like a stone, heavy and inescapable. She knew she would give in further to the power of the pendant the same way she knew she needed to breathe air. It was simply a fact. The warm, lazy pleasure was already far too strong to resist; it pulsed through her entire body, radiating out from where the pendant touched her bare skin. She couldn’t imagine fighting it anymore.

She had tried, at first. When they slipped the pendant over her head, she immediately attempted to take it off…but the moment her fingers closed over the smooth enameled surface, she felt her strength slowly melt into sleepy bliss and her arm went weak. By the time it fell to her side, she had already slumped into a seated position.

She thought she would be able to try again, once she recovered her strength…but she never did. The memory of that deep, drifting ecstasy clung to her like warm honey until it became an obsession, and before she knew it she was unbuttoning her shirt and pulling it aside to let the pendant rest between her breasts.

Everything became a blur after that. The pleasure seeped into her mind and body, making action difficult and thought even harder. When she did manage to gather the volition to move, it was only to caress her tight, tingling nipples or to slowly, lazily undo her fly.

She could feel the pressure in her mind now, the insistent need to masturbate while her mind slowly melted into obedience and her will dissolved under the pendant’s power. Her fingers twitched, the action already real in her mind. She knew it would end any chance she had at escape, that it would break her completely and leave her helpless to resist, but she wasn’t fighting it. She just felt too weak even to enslave herself further.

In a moment, though, once she had recovered her strength, she’d be touching herself…

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