Try as she might, Cheryl knew she couldn’t hold on much longer. The assault on her mind had left her helpless, horny and weak. She’d seen her bandmates fall, one by one, becoming cock-addicted whores, desperate to receive the glory of their Master’s cum.

Cheryl wanted to fight, knew she had to. But the voice in her mind telling her to resist was fading fast. And her body felt so hot, her skin so smooth and sexy…

It was simply a matter of time before Cheryl found herself untying the silk straps that held her top in place, a devilish smile playing across her lips as she sauntered over to where Nicola, Kimberley, Nadine and Sarah lay, naked and spent.

Then that look of pure lust returned once more, lips apart, eyes lidded, as her Master claimed her. Just like the others, Cheryl was now an object, a mindless slave in the harem.