“How am I doing Colin?”

I opened my eyes and looked down at my neighbors daughter. Her eager tongue was lashing the tip of my cock and it felt glorious. Of course, I couldn’t tell her that. Newly formed sluts needed to know that there was always room for improvement. That’s how you got them work harder. 

“Good Christine, but it could be better. Here, why don’t you take another pill.”

“Okee dokee!”

The eager teen slut took the pill and popped it into her mouth without any hesitation. Her innocent eyes fluttered briefly for a moment before a dopey grin began to emerge. 

“How do you feel now Christine?”


Satisfied with her answer, I grabbed her head and gently guided it back to my cock. The sex-starved teen eagerly took it into her mouth again. There was no form of resistance, no protest, no regret. 

She was mine.